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The Positive Value of Outside Holiday Memories

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Fly Fishing

The Positive Value of Outside Holiday Memories is a hard thing to qualify.  Society must find a way to putting non-monetary values first towards family, love, happiness and companionship. Placing a greater Value on Outside Holiday Memories, with those we most cherish will help us reconnect these missing links.  The best way for friends and family is to come together back through our ancestral roots.

Beginning the last quarter of the 20th century leading to today’s decade, the Holidays particularly have taken a 180 sweeping turn in the 21st century particularly Christmas.  Reading through classic literature such as Charles Dickens a Victorian view of Christmas was spending an elegant, graceful, and festive Eve. Then Christmas morning with loved ones from all walks of life.  The singing of Christmas Songs was boundless, hugging those in attendance, a kiss under the Mistletoe, while everyone surrounded the fireplace to read Holiday classics to children.  Plenty of libations for the adults with even the opportunity for a sleigh ride across the meadows if snow was abundant.  To put it frankly Christmas was about family, community, and continuity.

Today in our current festive seasons, particularly Christmas, consumerism is often the only connection we have with our neighbors.  No longer do vibrant, enthusiastic carolers go from door to door singing lovely songs but instead homes stay locked blocked from the other outsides noises of similar families spending the Holiday together.  Last minute wrapping of gifts engulfs our minds hoping that the correct present was purchased.  Love is still abundant but in a different manner than the expressions of our past ancestors that strove so hard to assure we could “spend” our Christmas with happiness.

Now as I am a man in my forties, I’ve had time to think about all the holidays spent with my loving and generous parents.  Every year Santa Claus delivered the exact gift I had asked. Nintendo Systems, CD player, Comic Books, Video Camera each great at the time.  Now all these material things mean nothing.  You know what best gift was I received? Getting into the outdoors with my father, escaping the Christmas tree and slipping off into the woods for an early deer hunt sitting side by side.  Or taking one of the bird dogs out for hunt.  Now I can state for a fact we were never successful because my mother would have made a memorable turmoil, Father and I cleaning a deer, her hard at work preparing Christmas Supper.  But nevertheless, I don’t still retain those old material possessions in my home here in SW Colorado but the memories of spending time outside with my ole man are locked away in my memory vault.

Consider the numerous opportunities in your area this Holiday Season and get outside for an enjoyable hike, hunt, fishing opportunities on the ice, a warmer lake or pond to cast a line in the water or even a winter trout stream or river to fly fish.  Anything with a family member or friend you don’t often get to see as much these days.  It will be the precious gift of Mother Nature and The Positive Value of Outside Holiday Memories that will linger for a lifetime.

Holidays fill most of us with a collection of emotions many short term and materials lost or thrown out before next Christmas.  The long burning Love, the Family, the Enduring Memories are what matters most during this special season and I hope ya’ll can enjoy it with your loved ones.  Mother Nature needs your warmth this holiday season.  Get outside and enjoy the beauty she offers in this winter.  


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