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Uncompahgre River Fly Fishing – Montrose, Colorado

LaNoue Dubois Vineyards

uncompahgre river fly fishing

LaNoue Dubois Vineyards

Fly Fishing & Wine

Big rainbows are the name of the game for this Uncompahgre River fly fishing experience. Browns and the occasional cutthroat can be found too. With there being no major diversion structures between the famed Pa-Co-Chu-Puk Campground and LaNoue Dubois Vineyard, the monstrous fish are free to travel up and down this famed stretch as they please. Caddis and midge patterns are effective April through November. PMDs, terrestrials, and stones can be a good choice in summer months.

Rarely is such an adventurous locale this close to civilization. In a matter of steps, you are transported from a beautiful vineyard to tall willows flanking a wild river. Along the river corridor, there is an abundance of wildlife including a Yellow Bellied Marmot colony, foxes and their kits, bald eagles, and wintering waterfowl. There’s also a standing deer herd and the occasional bear.

 A Bit of History

Over the years the course of the river has changed, as rivers tend to do. In the mid-2000’s Ridgeway made a large release from the dam and it took out the southeast bank and they lost 4 rows of grapevines.  A lot of time and money later, it is as you see it today. With the grandchildren, they have been on this property for 5 generations and hope to continue to be good stewards of this land for many more generations. Kathy’s father felt that land should be used, and they are happy to be able to share this section of water with avid fishermen. They hope you enjoy it and remember to be good stewards to this beautiful river and land.


Length of river stretch: 2,600 feet

River type: Tailwater

Stocked: Yes

Species: Brown, Rainbow, & Cutthroat Trout



Price per day: $210 (Max 3 People)

LaNoue Dubois Vineyards


  • 10 minutes from Montrose, Colorado
  • Located between the South Canal and Montrose and Delta Canals.
  • On-site winery

Provided by the USGS



  • Temperature: 35.24 ° F
  • Streamflow: 54.3 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 3.49 ft
Temperature GraphStreamflow GraphGage height Graph



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Uncompahgre River Fly Fishing – LaNoue DuBois Vineyards

Uncompahgre River Fly Fishing – LaNoue DuBois Vineyards

LaNoue Dubois Vineyards is a unique and beautiful property located in the Uncompahgre valley just 10 minutes south of Montrose, CO. EXPLORE

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