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The Florida River – Durango, Colorado

The Red Creek Ranch

The Red Creek Ranch

Get premier access to the Lower Florida river, where public access is non-existent.

The Florida river begins as a trickle from Lillie Lake, high in the Weminuche wilderness. Below there, it cascades through meadows and canyons until it reaches Lemon Reservoir. This segment of river is beautiful and supports a healthy population of wild trout, but good luck getting to the water! There is no trail that parallels the river as it passes through steep, hard to access canyons, and it takes miles of hiking to get there. Below the dam, the river flattens out and becomes some of the best fly fishing in the area. Here’s the rub…It’s all private! The other issue with the Florida is that it’s highly utilized for irrigation. Below the diversion for the Florida canal, flows are so low that fish populations are sparse and stressed. This leaves about 10 miles of private water between the dam and the canal. Red Creek Ranch represents a half mile of this scenic and productive tailwater.


Length of river stretch: 2500 ft

River type: Tailwater

Species: Trout- Brown, Rainbow

Guided: Yes, Exclusively By Duranglers

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[email protected] or (970) 385-4081

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Price per day: Call Duranglers for Details (Guide Included)

The Red Creek Ranch

 Location and Features

  • 15 minutes from Durango
  • Easy access to river and pond
  • Private water pond on site
  • Great fishing during runnoff

Red Creek Ranch


Red Creek Ranch is a beautiful property with well built structure in the river, picturesque ponds and well maintained grounds.

Big browns and rainbows hold in deep, man-made holes and long beautiful runs. The ponds are also brimming with trout and carp as well. The lower portion of the river and the ponds are all very easily accessible, even for some of the more mobility challenged anglers. The top portion of the river is more challenging for anglers with thicker brush and faster moving water, but there are certainly fish holding there as well. 


On the lower Florida, flows can vary significantly depending on the time of year and drought conditions. But one thing that is consistent is water clarity and temperature. Being a tailwater fishery, temps remain cold and clear year round. Making it a perfect spot for spring hatches that are typically difficult to fish due to high, turbid water. You won’t miss the June stonefly hatches if you book a day at Red Creek Ranch. In addition to that, fish are healthier, more resilient and caught less often at this private, catch and release only, tailwater location. That means fish are more likely to live longer, grow larger and be more active providing a more exciting and productive experience for anglers visiting this location.



Animas Spring River Ranch / Craig Ranch – Lower Animas

Animas Spring River Ranch / Craig Ranch – Lower Animas

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Bardin Ranch – Lower Animas

Bardin Ranch – Lower Animas

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Expedition Outside $100 Gift Certificate

Expedition Outside Noel Night $100 Gift Certificate $100 Noel Night Fly Fishing Adventure$!00 ... EXPLORE

Expedition Outside $50 Gift Certificate

Expedition Outside Noel Night $50 Gift Certificate $50 Noel Night Fly Fishing Adventure$50 ... EXPLORE

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Florida River – Dry Fly Heaven (Guided)

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The Massive Hole – Lower Animas

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Wonuka Farms – Upper Animas River

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