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The Animas River – Fly Fishing Durango, Colorado

The Horseshoe

The Horseshoe

Deep holes and fun riffles in a rarely fished segment of the Animas River

If fly fishing Durango on the Animas River is on your bucket list, then this property will help you check it off. Just 30 minutes from Durango, lies a rarely fished section of the Animas. This multi-use location serves as a river take-out, hemp and vegetable farm and trout fishery. Big browns and rainbows lurk in the deep holes and runs unaware that our clients are coming to fool them into their nets.


Length of river stretch: 3000 ft

River type: Freestone

Species: Trout- Brown, Rainbow


Price per day: $162.23

lower animas horseshoe private water map

The Horseshoe

 Location and Features

  • 20 minutes from Durango, Colorado
  • Large Rainbow and Brown trout 
  • Very diverse water
  • Pair with the “Massive Hole” property a short distance away

The Horseshoe


This private water stretch is surrounded by private properties, so fish in the area remain unpressured.

The top section of water on the property is a beautiful boulder-pocked segment with great trout habitat. The river then riffles into the massive corner pocket hole followed by a deep, long run. The boulder hole is next and the river then tapers into a beautiful cobble section until you reach the boundary. The entire run is approximately 3000’ long and features large hatches April through November.

BWO’s start coming off in April, followed by Caddis, Golden Stones and PMD’s. Streamers are also a great choice for looks all year round. The Massive Hole is just a stone’s throw away, so book the combo for a full day of big trout on the line for you and your buddies.


  • Temperature: 58.82 ° F
  • Streamflow: 637 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 2.92 ft
Temperature GraphStreamflow GraphGage height Graph



Animas Springs River Ranch – Lower Animas

Animas Springs River Ranch – Lower Animas

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Bardin Ranch – Lower Animas

Bardin Ranch – Lower Animas

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Diger Mountain Ranch

Diger Mountain Ranch

Experience the natural world on this "mini Yellowstone" while fishing a pristine stretch of the Animas River. EXPLORE

Florida River – Dry Fly Heaven (Guided)

Florida River – Dry Fly Heaven (Guided)

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