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Fly Fishing the San Juan River – Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Diamond M Bar Ranch

The Diamond M Bar Ranch

Get premier access to this rarely fished segment of river

When people think of fly fishing the San Juan river, they usually think of the hugely popular stretch below Navajo Dam. Either that or the fun pocket water that runs through Pagosa Springs. Well between those two locations lies miles of rarely fished water that flows through private and tribal land. This is where the Diamond M Bar Ranch is located. This working family ranch has a wonderful and unique stretch of the San Juan that holds fish year round and serves as a wildlife corridor through the private ranches in the area.


Length of river stretch: 1 mile

River type: Freestone

Species: Brown Trout


Price per day: $210

The Diamond M Bar Ranch

 Location and Features

  • 30 minutes from Pagosa Springs
  • Location feels remote despite proximity to Pagosa
  • *Cabin Rental avalible (contact us to reserve)
  • 360 degree views, abundant wildlife

Diamond Bar M Ranch


This private water stretch is bordered by other private properties, so even fish that leave and enter the boundary remain unpressured.

For generations, the owner’s family have lived here and worked the land. In fact, they owned this ranch before Colorado was even a state! They enjoy fishing the river on occasion, but it’s a resource that is grossly underutilized. Big browns are found luring in deep holes in this freestone section, but rainbows can be found as well. Rolling hills surround the green pastures of the ranch that is bisected by the sparkling blue ribbon of water. Beautiful cottonwoods line the river where the leaves rustle in the breeze. Between the views and the fish, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic day!

This segment of the San Juan begins to heat up in late April and early May, before runoff brings higher flows and turbid waters through June. Once the water clears, you may catch a stonefly hatch or two. As the stones disappear, they make way for caddis and mayflies that dominate the mid-summer hatches. As the weather cools and the leaves turn, BWO hatches come off the water and the big fish start to aggressively chase streamers. Come get some fun fall action as the big boys start to bulk up for the long winter ahead.


  • Streamflow: 836 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 6.10 ft
Streamflow Graph Gage height Graph



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Expedition Outside Noel Night $50 Gift Certificate $50 Noel Night Fly Fishing Adventure$50 ... EXPLORE

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Enjoy a day of fly fishing the San Juan River at the Diamond Bar M Ranch.



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