The Animas River – Durango, Colorado

The Bardin Ranch 

The Bardin Ranch

Premier fly fishing just 15 minutes from Durango 

The only thing bigger than this stretch is the size of the fish holding there! If you are looking for a place to keep you and all your buddies busy all day this is the place. Over a mile of prime private water access with a proven history of big days. Wonderful riffles, deep holes, and long runs cascade down this picturesque property.


Length of river stretch: Two segments 1 mile + 1500 ft

River type: Freestone

Stocked: Yes

Species: Trout- Brown, Rainbow


Price per day: $ 309

The Bardin Ranch

 Location and Features

  • 15 minutes from Durango, Colorado
  • This is Durangler’s guides favorite spot
  • Lots of Rainbow trout holding
  • One of our largest stretches, lots of good holes and habitat 

Bardin Ranch


This private water stretch is bordered by the Ute Reservation and other private properties, so even fish that leave and enter the boundary remain unpressured.

Rainbow trout are most often found in this segment of freestone river, but the occasional brown finds their way in. These fish populations are supported by an abundance of insect life. Streamers can be just as productive depending on time of day and year. Blue Wing Olives, Golden Stones and Mayflies are the big hatches here.

At the Bardin Ranch, the water is full of great habitat and holding water. From top to bottom, the mighty Animas cascades through riffles, holes, runs, and a few well built man made features. Three generations of Bardins live on this beautiful oasis and they are thrilled to share the world class angling with our guests. 


  • Water Temp: 36.86 ° F
  • Flow: 97.4 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 2.03 ft



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