Directions to The Massive Hole Property


4611 US Hwy 550 Durango, CO 81303

Driving from Durango take Hwy 160 East from town until the intersection of Hwy 550 South.  Turn onto Hwy 550 and continue for 16.7 miles in which you will be heading down Bondad Hill and will begin to see the large Oxbows of the Animas property.  Begin to slow down as you will be approaching a sharp right turn onto Weston Ln (a brown shipping container will be visible).  Once you pull off of 550, make an sharp/immediate right which will almost begin to run North parallel to 550.  Continue down this gravel road for a few hundred feet until coming to a locked gate which grants access to the riverfront.  There are a number of locks on the gate, the lock you will be using for access is pictured below, the gate code is 1900.  Open the gate and drive thru and please relock.  Once thru the gate continue on the dirt road for about 1/4 -1/2 and follow road to the left close to the river.  Parking is ample near the river however, please do not block the launch area as this may be used by other landowners in the vicinity for water pumping.  Park and begin Fishing.  Signs are posted on Northern and Southern Property boundaries, however fences from the surrounding landowners also make the boundaries clear. Also included below is a photo of those water boundaries and map to parking close to the water.

Red is property boundaries, Green is road to take to river.

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