Directions to H Ranch

High Hilton Ranch

8198 Horn RD Delta, CO 81416

Driving from Delta Colorado take CO-92 East for 5.3 miles.  You will approach a slight Y, keep right to continue on H75 Rd.  Drive 1.4 miles on H74, it will begin to become a dirt road.  Take a left onto Horn Road following the Gunnison River Valley.  Remain on Horn Rd until it dead ends at the entrance of the gate labeled High Hilton Ranch, a lock box on the left side of the gate contains a key to unlock 1 of 3 locks on the gate chain.  The code for the lock box is 234509, hit open and remove lockbox & key.  Use this key to unlock the black lock on the chained gate, open the gate to access the property.  Return the key to the appropriate lockbox again by punching in 234509, hit open.  Replacement of the key and locking the gate is important as this property is actively farmed and has cattle so the ranchers need access to the property as well.  Make sure all locks remain possible to open gate if access is needed by property owner or ranchers.  Follow dirt road past the main house and continue along the road past the farm equipment, corrals and hay.  Remain on the main dirt road and don’t divert, this will parallel the irrigation ditch.  The dirt road will come to a rock barrier on the property with a gate and wooden bridge crossing the irrigation ditch.  Park at this rock barrier.  Note:  Do not cross the wooden bridge over the irrigation ditch with your vehicle as it not built for heavy loads.  Unload your gear, cross the bridge on foot and follow the paths either upriver or down to begin fishing.  There are obvious paths to take you down to quality fishing holes down river, up river the paths are more difficult to traverse but accessible. Begin fishing.  You may fish downstream until an older fence and old boat pullout are visible.  The upstream boundaries are surrounded by BLM so you may continue fishing upriver with no barriers.  The private property extends until the middle of the river.

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