fish private water

Finally, you have access the best fishing on your favorite rivers.

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get access to private fishing holes

Find healthier, unpressured fish in spots that have sometimes never been fished before in years

Book with a fishing guide that will help you find the best spot for the current river conditions. Even if you chose to go by yourself.

Get away from the riff-raff of public fishing spots. Our private spots are perfect for a day alone with the family, or just alone.

Just you and the fish

 Have your favorite river all to yourself

Once anglers were limited to public water, but now you can fish secret spots behind private property lines.

Private water is the best way to enjoy a day of fishing without the pressure of other anglers. You don’t need to spend time trying to find the best fishing holes.

With access to the Expedition Outside platform you can fish the best spots on your favorite rivers.

Each fishing hole has its own allure. You may be searching for a particular species of fish, a place where you will have a lot of action, or a just place with easy river access where you can bring the family.

Our fishing guides will personally match you with the best fishing hole for your needs.