Our vision is To make all reaches of the globe accessible for human interaction in a safe, environmental friendly and free market economy.

Expedition Outside is the industry leading trusted online marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts, professional guides and private property landowners to list, discover, book and enjoy unique opportunities for recreational activities on private properties within the United States. Whatever your outdoor passion or pursuit may be Expedition Outside has a diverse catalogue of previously unavailable private property listings to expand your passions. Expedition Outside connects its users to unique properties and individuals, whatever their budgets.

Our mission is to be the universal technology provider which enables all individuals the opportunity to pursue, and experience their passions in the outdoors.



Expedition Outside has a dedicated team of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts constantly researching and visiting private property owners enlisting their lands for online bookings.  Our team works directly with the immediate property owner to best understand their resources, values, concerns and rules of access to be define.  The access terms and prices are managed in the best interests of both property owners and land users. Listed properties are reviewed, approved and managed directly by Expedition Outside personnel.  Working with the land owner while also understanding the outdoor recreational marketplace, Expedition Outside, has enlisted numerous world class private lands for all aspects of outdoor recreation.  If you have a strong passion for outside adventure, from hiking to mountain biking to fishing or rock climbing, our service has something to fit you needs. Our team is daily updating our listing and adding new access to the growing market of outdoor recreation needs.

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Exploration and new challenges are a part of our outdoor human nature.  Expedition Outside has made it easy to find and reserve your next adventure.  Utilizing our customized platform and property data base our adventurers may search based upon their specific outdoor recreational passions. Our team of software engineering experts working directly with our dedicated team of outdoor professionals has developed a 21st century technology platform so our users can search, book and access private lands specifically listed for their desired adventure. If you are a city dweller looking for the perfect location to hike with your dog off leash nearby downtown we have it, if you are looking for a more remote weekend camping spot within a 1-2 our drive, Expedition Outside has what is great for your needs.



Sometimes expeditions take industry expertise. Expedition Outside has the network of dedicated individuals and teams ready to service your next trip.  We have a deep pool of adventure guides servicing locations nationwide and our team will make the best effort to assure you are receiving world class treatment and adventure. Furthermore, since our professional guides and outdoor experts are only accessing private lands bookings and availability are easily facilitated with fewer government regulations.  All guides are personally interviewed and vetted by Expedition Outside management along with confirmation of the required insurance, permits and safety training.  Along with gaining access to unique private properties, Expedition Outside guides provide experience and understanding most services cannot guarantee.

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