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5 Top Fly Fishing Towns in America

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Fly Fishing | 0 comments

These 5 top fly fishing towns in America stand alone for several reasons, including the all-around culture made up by the people and place.

There are hundreds of fantastic fly fishing towns in America. But some stand alone when it comes to being the best. When thinking of these specific locales, anglers sometimes tend to only take the fishery into consideration. There are many other factors such as accessibility, fly shops, and the all-around angling culture that can make a good fly fishing town into a great fly fishing town.

Durango, Colorado

Situated beside the Animas River, Durango offers a variety of different fisheries within a short drive. Those looking for a slower, calm water fly fishing experience can migrate south to Lake Nighthorse where brown and rainbow trout are healthy and high in numbers. 

However, for the traditional fly fisherman looking for the river or high mountain stream hosted by immaculate views and an abundance of wild trout, there is no shortage of that around Durango. The town itself has enough fly fishing to keep you submerged in the sport for the entirety of your stay. If you are looking for the classic western fly fishing experience, Durango, Colorado, is the place for you.

Situated beside the Animas River, Durango offers a variety of different fisheries within a short drive.

Brevard, North Carolina

North Carolina is hands down the best fly fishing state for trout in the southeastern United States. The odds of just stumbling upon any ole town with a fly fishing presence east of the Mississippi is rather low compared to the western states and what they offer. But Brevard has earned its place as being one of the top fly fishing towns in America. 

The Davidson River offers a great opportunity to experience clearwater, native trout fishing. Seen as a popular adventure destination, the culture of Brevard is strictly outdoors driven from early spring through late fall. Wildlife in this area is abundant just as much above the waterline as it is below. Brevard makes for a great family experience as there are many different ways to keep those who may not share your passion of wetting a line entertained.

Klawock, Alaska

Undoubtedly the outlier of the group, Klawock offers scenery, views, and wildlife these others just cannot. The number of species along with the number of fish in these named (and unnamed) rivers are seriously something special. Along with the traditional rainbow and brown trout, around Klawock you are just as likely to have a native cutthroat or Dolly Varden on the end of the line. 

If you time it right and are lucky enough, you might just land a trophy steelhead as well. Unless you are familiar with the area, your best bet is to contact a guide or a lodge to enhance your experience. Once you fish these pristine waters of The Last Frontier, you will most definitely find your way back.

Come spring, fish are getting hungry, bug life is becoming more apparent, and it’s just one of the best times to fly fish Colorado.

Eugene, Oregon

While Eugene might come off as a big city filled with people and buildings, the fly fishing culture here is surprisingly strong. The famous McKenzie River flows just east of the city, offering a multitude of lodges and guides. Aside from the McKenzie, there are many smaller creeks and streams that harbor native trout that are undoubtedly more private. 

Fly fishing from drift boats is a popular tactic in these parts so if you don’t have your own, renting one will be the best option for you to cover as much water as possible. There aren’t many places in America where you can find great nightlife and restaurants so close to incredibly strong fisheries.

Rangeley, Maine

The entire state of Maine is littered with rivers and lakes full of trophy, native trout. The town of Rangeley will have your head spinning when trying to decide which direction to go to have the best luck on a fly as opportunities exist in all directions. It’s truly one of the top fly fishing towns in America. We will say that this town is probably more suitable for the experienced fly fisherman who comes prepared since there are limited fly shops and guides. As an old logging community, Rangeley has rebranded itself as a fishing community with an open invitation for those searching for a once in a lifetime experience.

Come spring, fish are getting hungry, bug life is becoming more apparent, and it’s just one of the best times to fly fish Colorado.

Whether you want to try a new type of fishery or hone your skills in what you know, fly fishing in any of these 5 top fly fishing towns in America will leave you satisfied. Especially when you find a stretch of river to call your own for the day

It is important however to do your research and learn the area, including where to go and what flies to throw. Most importantly, read the rules and regulations of each river you fish so that you can do your part in keeping these fisheries in pristine condition for generations to come. 


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